Prey Leap

Today we spent a leisurely afternoon at Prey Leap which is just a few kilometers out of town along the Mekong River. There, you can relax and eat corn and other good stuff. I hadn’t been there since before the kids were born. Glad we went back.

Mom and daughter

Arosa enjoying a drink

When we got back home, Jasper got creative and coloured this paper airplane.

Jasper's paper airplane



We had a photo shoot today for an upcoming magazine feature. Jasper tried to foil as many pictures as was humanly possible.

say cheese, already

City Mall

On the way home from school today we stopped by City Mall. We had a quick snack at KFC where Jasper got this chicken-car, which he played with on the 2nd level while his mom browsed around.


Grilled Meat

Just around the corner from our place are some food vendors that appear around 5pm. Today Jasper and I went to our regular spot to pick up some grilled beef, sausage and liver. You can get 4 skewer for $1, except for the sausage, which I think is around 50 cents each.


We went to the amusement park on Diamond Island again. We went on a couple of rides, starting with Jasper’s favourite, the airplanes.


After a few rides, we took a walk around the garden/fountain area. Arosa was hard to keep up with.

walking around

School Supplies

I remember being so excited to buy school supplies at the beginning of every school year. Now I can live vicariously through my son. Today we went and bought a bunch of cool school supplies. This part of the world is probably the best place to buy cute stationary. Jasper picked out an eraser set and I chose a pencil set with the leaded segments that you take out and pop into the end of the pencil once they are dull. I figured those pencils weren’t as dangerous or as tricky to use as a mechanical pencil or, heaven forbid, a pencil that requires a sharpener. I didn’t realize until we got home that the pencils were actually scented.

school stuff

Grilled Quail

One of the great things about Phnom Penh is the street food. My favourite street food is grilled meat. It’s a close call, but I think my favourite grilled meat may be grilled quail. We stopped at this place just across from Russian Market (Phsa Toul Tom Pong). Only a buck each!

grilled quail